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How to get the most from your session

When do we book?

The best time to book is as early a possible! 

You can book your session as early as the start of your second trimester. We only take on a few newborns a week to allow for late or unexpectedly early arrivals. We will always do our best to fit you in but sometimes we just can't.

When you book with us we will pencil you in around your due date & we will save a space for your baby. We just ask that you let us know as soon as baby has arrived so we can book your time slot.

When & where is our session?

Your newborn shoot is always booked before baby is 14 days old. That way baby is still super sleepy & bendy enough to get into all those lovely newborn poses.

On the day of your shoot you will come to our studio in Cambuslang. It's just off the Main Street, near Cambuslang train station. It's a small studio but it has everything we need to create beautiful images of your baby that you will treasure forever.

How to prepare for our shoot?

Not only do you have to prepare your baby for your shoot but you also have to prepare yourself!

Our studio is kept toasty warm so the babies are always comfortable. You will get hot! We recommend you wear layers that you can easily remove if needed. Your hands may be in some of the images so we recommend keeping any nail polish neutral & removing any jewellery that may leave marks on your wrists.

As your baby will usually be sleeping when they arrive at the studio & we want to disturb them as little as possible. so we recommend that you dress them in just a front opening sleep suit & don't put them in any tight clothing that may leave marks on their skin.

A dummy will help sooth your baby during your shoot so its always great if you have one to hand.

Bring plenty of bottles if you're bottle feeding. Your baby will most likely get hungrier than normal during their shoot.